Coram cambiamenti organizzativiCoram is constantly striving to improve and pursue more growth every year. To this end, the company has decided to undertake a series of organisational changes in the medium and long term. Dr Simone Guerini Rocco, Coram’s Chief Financial Officer, is personally leading these changes, ensuring sound financial management, compliance with accounting regulations, clear financial communication and accurate assessment of company performance.

Among the first planned changes are the implementation of a reporting system, the creation of a five-year strategic plan, the drafting of an annual budget, as well as quarterly forecasts and monthly budgets. In order to strategically manage financial resources for the achievement of medium-term objectives, Coram intends to adopt a medium-term financial planning system. In addition, the company recognises the importance of conducting a profitability analysis of investments, which allows it to assess the efficiency and financial viability of an investment or project.

The company has also decided to provide analytical support for make-or-buy decisions, in order to better weigh the choice between in-house production or external purchase of a given product, service or component necessary for the company’s operations.

Finally, Coram has two medium-term objectives: to implement a group reporting system to collect, analyse and communicate financial, operational and strategic information at the group level, and to draw up audited consolidated financial statements that provide a complete view of the Coram Group’s financial activities.

Through the efforts of Dr. Simone Guerini Rocco and the implementation of these important organisational changes, Coram is positioned as a company increasingly focused on financial success, sustainable growth and operational excellence, ready to face future challenges with determination and confidence!