Valuable supply chain

We work with excellent suppliers towards continuous improvement

Over the years, Coram has developed an international network of qualified, innovative and efficient suppliers, that are everywhere in the world in order to ensure strong and lasting bonds in the different reference markets.

Our company works constantly to improve quality and the performance level of our suppliers, with particular attention to the following factors:

Technical expertise and capacity for continuous innovation

Quality, reliability and timeliness

Trade competitiveness and ability to sign multi-annual agreements

Sustainability, security and respect for ethical values with particular attention to the environment and the health of employees

Openness and willingness to follow developments related to Lean Production

Global presence and logistics flexibility

Our CGEE portal

Coram manages relations with suppliers in a modern and innovative way, using many systems, including a specific web portal, for the data exchange as well as the interactive consultation of technical, commercial and quality information.

This portal is called CGEE (Coram Group Extended Enterprise) and it allows to manage order programs, score cards, technical specifications, drawings and quality reports respectively.


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