The Indian company, Joint Venture between CORAM Europe S.r.l. and Chromewell Engineering Pvt. Ltd., has been established in July 2017, and begins construction of a new production facility in Dewas, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which will be operational by the end of the year.

The core business of CORAM CHROMEWELL INDIA is the production of fixed and adjustable Steering Columns for the local market and also for exports to other continents.

By November the construction of the modern structure of about 2000 square meters will be completed, in which the welding and assembly processes of Steering Columns will be installed, with large offices that will host the staff that will manage the company efficiently.

The production capacity installed in the company will be 200,000 Steering Columns per year, and in the event of an increase in production volumes, the covered area would be doubled on the same land, which is already owned by the company. CORAM Chromewell India will be managed by SAP, fully interconnected to all CORAM Group operating systems, as well as operational and quality procedures will be integrated with those of CORAM Group, already used by the plants in Italy, USA and Taiwan.

The choice of investing in the State of Madhya Pradesh was dictated by its central position with respect to other Indian states, the proximity to the factories of major manufacturers of trucks, buses, agricultural machinery and construction machinery, and the availability of skilled labor, thanks to the presence of numerous professional schools and universities.