Steering with pneumatic release

STAR steering column is characterized by a pneumatic release, which guarantee maximum comfort in driving medium and heavy vehicles.

  • Pneumatic lock/release control via a button controlled by the foot, to avoid removing hand from the steering wheel while driving
  • Ergonomic driving in all the positions
  • Ease of getting on and off the vehicle
  • Continuously steering wheel adjustment, in all the positions
  • Optimal solution for medium and large size vehicles
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Costumizable steering colum

  • “STAR” steering column can be adapted to every kind of vehicles, thanks to its constructive flexibility – its support is interfaceable and is composed by a welded structure
  • The positioning angle and depth of height adjustment can be combined for an easy ergonomic fit to the vehicle and to the driver’s physical features
  • Pneumatic cylinder specifically design to satisfy the safety and legal requirements
  • Thanks to the unlocking ease and precision, the user can easily adapt the steering wheel position in many different driving situations (motorway, mountain road with curves, maneuvers in large square, etc.)

Installation example

Types of vehicle

“STAR” steering column is the optimal solution for medium and large size vehicles like trucks, commercial, agricultural, and construction vehicles, earth-moving vehicles and platforms.

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