Pedestal Steering Column

FREYR steering column is a standard product, which can be fixed to the vehicle floor to provide maximum visibility from the driver’s seat.

  • Dual steering wheel adjustment options: first one operated by a pedal to facilitate entry and exit from the vehicle; second one operated by a little lever under the steering wheel, to adjust it while driving
  • Height adjustment of the steering wheel, thanks to a rotating ring that is placed at its center
  • Good-looking black plastic covers protect the whole product, that can be easily assembled in the cabin
  • Key equipment, to switch the vehicle on and off
  • Side lever multiple switch switch on and off the lights, horn and for inserting the directional arrows of the machine

Costumizable steering column

  • FREYR steering column is available in 2 different sizes: highest version 821 mm, lower version 695 mm
  • For special applications, our technical department can propose a specific design

Installation example

Types of vehicle

FREYR steering column is the optimal solution for combines, harvesters, construction vehicles (wheeled loaders and excavators) and forklift trucks.

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