Coram nuovo piantone sterzo per autobus

Development of a new bus-specific steering column with the possibility of adjusting the steering wheel to any position is nearing completion. This is a key element in guaranteeing comfort and ergonomics for professionals driving buses, both city and long-distance tourist buses.

Coram is aware of the importance of the steering column as the crucial link between the steering wheel and the steering box. To this end, we are committed to developing solutions that allow for smooth adjustment of the steering wheel position in height and tilt. This commitment aims to improve safety and comfort while driving buses, especially considering the operational challenges of drivers and the long hours spent behind the wheel.

The result is a steering column equipped with a pneumatic release system, which allows the driver to adapt the steering wheel to his or her driving habits at the push of a button. This makes it easy and effortless to unlock, adjust and lock the steering wheel in the desired position. The negative pneumatic cylinder guarantees a stable position over time.

Adjustment options include a tilt range from -6.5° to +6.5° (with an extended option of +/-10°) relative to the fixing angle. In addition, the height can be adjusted with a total stroke of 0 to 110 mm.

The structure of the steering column is made of extremely strong galvanised sheet steel, to ensure safety and stability. On the upper part of the aluminium stem, flanges are provided for attaching electronic control elements (such as lights, indicators, windscreen washers, etc.), as well as the ignition switch and steering lock. For attachment to the vehicle chassis, holes are available to simplify installation.

Coram is available to implement specific customisations to adapt the steering column to any type of vehicle. The company’s mission is therefore to provide flexible solutions to meet the needs of professional bus drivers!