3dexperience coramNew investment by CORAM for a Dassault Systemes product

As part of its digital revolution, CORAM Group is modernising its PDM (Product Development Management) system with the introduction of 3DEXPERIENCE.

This is a real revolution for business innovation, as 3DEXPERIENCE manages to combine all aspects of the business into a single platform, improving execution and promoting collaboration.

Within this new management system, collaborative spaces are created in which employees work on their own projects and in which they have the opportunity to share their work with key figures from other corporate entities. 3DEXPERIENCE also makes it possible to manage and monitor the product lifecycle in a simple and intuitive way.

3dexperience coram

The main advantages of 3DEXPERIENCE

The use of 3DEXPERIENCE provides numerous benefits, including high productivity and efficiency in design through parameter indexing, easy visualisation of data through a dashboard that links to the various required functionalities, and the use of a ‘collaborative space’ for sharing data and files. Further advantages that CORAM derives from the installation of 3DEXPERIENCE include:

  • the simplicity of project management through a visualisation platform that calls up the Catia design software and allows the exploded view of the designed component to be observed in real time;
  • the management of the project from an APQP perspective, defining an initial objective and pursuing it until the final design review, according to a predefined work plan
  • the saving of all drawings in the common server in the cloud, and no longer in the individual designer’s ‘workstation’;
  • the management of the prototype phase within the project and, therefore, the saving of the drawings in the common server.

For CORAM, the experience of integrating a new management and product development system is a very satisfying experience that demonstrates its ability to adapt to new technologies, making it more competitive on the market and established as a company at the forefront of the sector.