Coram rinnova ISO 14001 per l'ambiente Coram recently obtained its second renewal of the UN EN ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to managing and reducing the environmental impacts of its operations.

This international standard defines how to develop an effective and sustainable Environmental Management System (EMS). Coram chose to voluntarily obtain this certification in order to provide the company with a management structure to integrate environmental control practices. The aim is to protect the environment, prevent pollution and reduce the consumption of energy and resources. Sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars of Coram’s activities and is an integral part of the company’s strategic plan.

Coram rinnova ISO 14001 per l'ambiente

Coram’s environmental commitment

Coram has committed to closely monitor the key indicators established by its environmental management system and to comply with regulations during 2022.

The company has also taken concrete actions, such as a company energy audit, to obtain a detailed view of energy consumption and emissions. In addition, production facilities have been renewed, existing compressors have been replaced with more modern and energy-efficient models, and a new extraction system has been installed to improve the control of emissions and the healthiness of the working environment.

With the knowledge that environmental protection requires constant commitment, Coram is determined to take further action to improve its environmental impact. EMS indicators will be continuously monitored in order to implement the necessary measures to further reduce the company’s energy consumption and emissions.