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From 7 to 10 December 2022, Coram Group participated for the first time in the ASE AGROSHOW 2022 agricultural machinery trade fair in Istanbul.

‘From Istanbul to the world’ is the slogan of the trade fair, which stands out as Eurasia’s export fair par excellence. This is because Istanbul is the only city in the world that stretches across these two continents, Europe and Asia, lying on the banks of the Bosporus, a strait that connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. This makes it extremely important from a commercial and strategic point of view, since it connects ‘two worlds’. This was the reason why Coram decided to take part in the fair as an exhibitor, together with its Turkish representatives from KEYES ENGINEERING, with whom it has been collaborating seriously for a year.

piantoni sterzo ase agroshow fieraCoram steering columns at the Istanbul agricultural machinery exhibition

The steering columns for agricultural vehicles, such as tractors and combine harvesters, represent an important part of Coram’s global sales, and the participation in ASE AGROSHOW further underlines the company’s desire to strengthen its presence in this area. At the show, the company has chosen to bring its most innovative products, which guarantee driving safety and extreme comfort.

team coram istanbul fiera

Pedestal, modular and customisable: different models of steering columns

Different types of steering columns could be seen at the fair. In particular, the pedestal steering column:

  • FREYR: a standard product, which can be fixed to the vehicle floor to provide maximum visibility from the driver’s seat.
    Its features are: dual steering wheel adjustment options, height adjustment of the steering wheel, good-looking plastic covers protect the whole product, key equipment, side lever multiple switch on and off the lights, horn and for inserting the directional arrows of the machine.

The modular steering columns:

  • COMPACT: designed in order to offer practical adjustments, both in height and inclination within a small space.
  • TILT-TELE BOX: characterized by a mechanical release system that controls the angle and height adjustment. These two functions can be controlled both by a lever and a pedal, allowing adjustments keeping Hans on the steering wheel.

Last but not least, our special adjustable steering column, which can be customized for every need.

Ase Agroshow Eurasia ‘From Istanbul to the rest of the world’

keyes engineering collaborazione coram

New opportunities, innovation and collaboration

For Coram Group, it was a real pleasure to participate in the fair, which not only proved to be a very inspiring environment full of innovative ideas, but also an excellent opportunity to meet customers, prospects and other innovators in the industry.

In this regard, Coram once again wanted to thank KEYES ENGINEERING, which is now considered part of its big family.

Coram is happy to announce that he will soon be in Turkey again! Merhaba!

The collaboration between Coram and Keyes Engineering