Tie rods for selection and gear change

The telescopic change rod is connected on one side to the gear lever (of which CORAM produces a full range) an on the other side connected to the gear selector coming out of the gearbox, allowing the selection of gears of the vehicle.

When the vehicle is stationary, if access to the engine compartment is required, the cabin is stopped over, and in that moment, to maintain the connection between gear lever and gear box in the two ends, the tie rod telescopically lengthens by 3-4 elements.

The release system of the telescopic part is via a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder, specially positioned, which controls the opening when the cab is overturned.

These telescopic change rods are mounted on trucks with manual transmission and tipper cab.

Customizable telescopic change rods

The telescopic change rods are co-designed with the costumer for specific requirements.

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