Hydraulic brake calipers Brembo

Our company is specialized in the supply and customization of Brembo hydraulic calipers, world leader in the production of disc braking systems.

  • Brembo calipers are made with the best aluminium alloys, and guarantee a high level of performance for braking power, control and comfort, with a remarkable design.
  • The body of the brake calipers is lightweight, compact and rigid, so it allows an incisive braking, a short response time and a constant lever stroke, while the design of the hydraulic components highlights the characteristics of strength and modulation.

Brembo brake calipers can be mainly installed on off-road and on-road vehicles, such as trucks, tractors, agricultural, construction vehicles, earth-moving machines, forklift trucks, military vehicles and special ones.

Customizable brake caliper

  • We can modify and customize standard Brembo brake calipers
  • We can transform BREMBO calipers from hydraulic oil to brake fluid, and vice versa, to adapt them to the needs of specific applications

Download the installation drawing

Hydraulic Grab P 32 F (20.5161.71/81) 783312000
Hydraulic Grab P 32 F (20.5161.51/61) 783302000
Hydraulic Grab P 38 D (20.2945.12/22) 783320000
Hydraulic Grab P 2F08N/3 (20.3556.40) 783332000
Hydraulic Grab PF 2×46 (22.7306.50/60) 787462000
Hydraulic Grab PF 2×44 front (22.7773.58/68) 7874A2000
Hydraulic Grab PF 2×44 rear (22.7775.76/86) 787402000
Hydro/Mechanical Gripper PFC 1×52 (22.7270.50/60) 785502000
Hydro/Mechanical Gripper PFC 2×60 (22.5770.18/28) 7874B2000
Hydraulic Grab 4×42 (20.4910.12/22) 787481000
Hydraulic Grab 4×44 (20.5150.11/21) 787412000
Hydraulic Grab 4×44 enlarged (20.5150.31/41) 787442000
Hydraulic Grab 4×60 (20.5730.12/22) 785632000

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